About LEFA Project
Project LEFA (http://lefa.geologov.net) is dedicated to GIS programming for the Remote sensing and Earth sciences. Site contains free of charge standalone Windows  programs and deprecated GUI Matlab scripts created for satellite image analysis for Earth sciences. Fracture analysis is often being used for geological mapping, detecting natural hazards and prospecting of mineral resources. Achievements in computer image processing and digital mapping made possible human independent feature recognition.
Our software allows to:
• Extract lineament features on satellite image (Landsat 7 and 8 are supported, (pyLEFA);
• Compute feature distribution parameters (density and Minkowski Dimension, (pyLEFA);
• Detect erosion network and decompose it into the orders (ENOE);
• Create Rose diagram plot (LEFA for Matlab);
• Export features into ESRI shape format to continue work in GIS software (pyLEFA).

Project goals

Research of fracturing and tectonic has many applications: tectonic analysis and geological prospecting, natural hazards prediction, engineering and construction. Those research provides affordable factual data for young scientists and students. You may freely use and examine LEFA and ENOE scripts for your purposes but mind to cite project author and his publications.

About the author

The Author, Dr. Sergei L. Shevyrev is researcher and associate professor. Research and teaching interests include regional geology, geotectonics and geodynamics, remote sensing, modeling and computer programming.